Biz Ne Yapıyoruz?

Financial and infrastructure support to startups together with TTO.
In addition to educational activities to develop the entrepreneurship culture in the university, guiding training, personal awareness raising, career planning with role models, motivation, and support programs.
Knowledge base database for reference, case studies, entrepreneurship assessment, and problem-solving programs that bring Boğaziçi talents and companies together.
Entrepreneurship inventory for graduates and students, matchmaking programs for those who want to team up, find ideas, and start companies.

There are many mechanisms supporting early-stage startups at Boğaziçi University. Bright provides training, materials and mentorship support, with a strong focus on Boğaziçi University Technology Transfer Office (TTO).

For applications and more information, please visit Boğaziçi University Entrepreneurship Network.

We believe in nurturing the communities and the environment we are in via sharing what we have with ethical and responsible behavior.
We don't shy away from asking the hard questions and come up with creative ways of doing things; thus we have the courage to start and act upon.
We are mission-oriented, and we do not sacrifice our long-term vision for short-term gains even when it is tempting to do so.
We can't know everything, but we can learn anything, so we embrace failure as a natural path to success through experimentation and obvservation.

Girişimcilerimizin Gözünden Bright

  I'm one of the founding partners of Bluedot. My path with entrepreneurship conceptually started in my first year at university, with the Startup Carnival, which I encountered while walking on the main square on campus, besides being a member of the BUIK Entrepreneurship sub-committee. Boğaziçi University Entrepreneurship Center has always been a home for me with a very rich potential thanks to its gathering of "like-minded" people and its network to access the school's alumni audience. In addition to organizing events on many subjects, the questions of what Boğaziçi students understand when it comes to entrepreneurship, how they approach this issue, and how different components in the school can create stakeholders under the roof of this ecosystem have always excited the growing student community and me at the center.

BU 21' Management-Psychology Bluedot Co-Founder

Our paths with Bright crossed in 2019 through DreamBU. We presented the Comparisonator, which we had been working on for a year and a half at that time and were preparing to launch, to our instructors and received very positive comments. Bright was with us throughout our journey, from our first sale to Beşiktaş JK in December 2019, to the days when our product is used in 15 countries. Bright has provided us with a very nice environment where we can work between our lessons, and meet and exchange information with our peers who are on the same path as us. As my esteemed partners, Tarkan Batgün, Furkan Yağız, and the entire Comparisonator family, we are grateful to our teachers Konca Günel, Ünal Arslan, Emre Tekeli, and Oğuzhan Aygören, whom we met thanks to Bright, for their support on this path, where we have placed our company among the top 10 companies in the world doing football data analytics business.

Management Information Systems, 2022ᵇ Co-Founder of Comparisonator

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